Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day

This was my Mother's Day gift (technically from my 'children' but bought and paid for by my Husband).

Yes, it is a clothes drying rack.

No, it is not romantic or thoughtful or an addition to any of my hobbies (unless you can count laundry as a hobby of mine.  Which, I guess, may fall in to that category.).

But it is practical.  And I requested it two months in advance.  And I got to pick it out at IKEA on Saturday.  And Husband put it together on Sunday night.

I am anticipating saving oodles of money on our electric bill this summer (and maybe forever).

Our lovely dryer needs at least two (sometimes, three) cycles to dry a load of clothes.  I'm assuming it's because of lint buildup in the exhaust tunnel (or something like that but in more technical terms).  Because I do not anticipate this ever correcting itself I concluded that my best recourse was to dry each load of clothes for a mere twenty-thirty minutes and then hang them up to finish the process.

Additionally, many of our clothes are of polyester or blended fabrics and need not be put in the dryer at all.

Hence, the drying rack!

My lack of a real laundry room (a feeble but luxurious dream of mine) means that the rack is temporarily housed in the upstairs loft, a.k.a. Husband's office.  But since the ironing board already claimed permanent residence there I believed that the rack could keep it company in the midst of all the dusty books and stuffy computer equipment.

It is now happily and busily employed.
As the weather improves this summer I anticipate moving it out to the back patio where there is plenty of sunshine.  It will be the closest I've ever been to having my own clothesline.

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