Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Memorizing Bible Verses

I enjoy manipulating my children's minds.  I may as well just admit it.

This year for our church's Junior Church program the other teachers and I are having the kids attempt to memorize one verse a week for fifty-two weeks.  Each week the verse must have some correlation to the week's lesson in order for the kids to grasp a portion of it's context.

I was asked to help the teacher from the month of May come up with a verse to use for Mother's Day and came up with about seven little-used choices that supplied the word 'mother' and submitted them for approval.

With four of us voting, we chose Proverbs 30:17:
The eye the mocks the father and scorns to obey the mother will be plucked out by the ravens of the valley and eaten by the vultures.

Gross.  But very cool.  And a great illustration.

I wrote the verse out at home for my children to read and memorize if they so choose and in less than twenty minutes Boy Two had read it/talked about it so much that he knew it by heart.  

He is a great comrade to all things animal and is learning many tidbits about vultures in conjunction with this verse.  We have also spent the last few days discussing what 'mocks' and 'scorn' mean, along with 'obey'.

Cut to yesterday when I was in his room confronting him about why he didn't put away the clean clothes/pick up the toys/make his bed like I had asked him to three hours previous.  

"Did you obey Mama?"
". . . no . ."
"What happens when we don't obey?"
*quick intake of breathe and hands cover his face* "I don't want you to pluck my eye out!"

Aaahh.  Comprehension, how chilling you are to my children.

I admit, I'm still sniggering about this.

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