Friday, May 13, 2011

Klingon Catch-phrases

The weather was warm and beautiful the other day and we came home from school to find the neighbor children begging for a water fight.

I opened my garage and encouraged them to try out and use any of our (Husband's) large collection of squirt guns.

I generously manned the water hose and compliantly filled all squirt guns as often as needed.

I pumped up the large guns so that all the kids had to do was pull the trigger.

I brought out dry towels and wiped faces that were drenched by friendly (or not-so-friendly) fire.

I may or may not have chased down a neighbor boy who shot me once too often in the face and wrestled the gun from his grip, only to turn around and use it on him yelling "Death to the opposition!"

Squirt guns are not known to bring out my best side.

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