Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break

My boys have Spring Break this week, which means I'm feeling a tiny bit of pressure to make the week a little bit more fun than usual.  Usually we would just sit around the house all week: reading Berenstain Bear books, staging dramatic movie reenactments with plastic animals and Lincoln Logs, and dancing around the living room to Disney soundtracks.

Yep, that sounds boring to me, too.

My mother-in-law offered to take them off my hands for Sunday through Tuesday for the low, low price of driving them up there after church: can you say, bargain?  Apparently they even got to play in the snow one day (yes, snow in spring break.  I'm so tired of this winter.) but all that I can get out of them is various quotes about cartoons "on cable channel" and shows that have been banned at my house (Maisy.  My nemesis.).  But at least they got to go somewhere 'fun'.

On Wednesday Husband was taking the youth group to Seaside for the annual spring break beach day and I had just about convinced him that the kids and I could squish in the back of the van and tag along.  I even promised that we wouldn't be any trouble.  But his fellow crony reared doubts in his mind about space issues and we ended up being eliminated from the plan.  Shucks.

So where do you go for fun when you can't go the beach?  If you guessed the other grandma's house, you're right!

 We played baseball in the backyard, dug in the garden, roasted s'mores in the fire pit and put together a new puzzle.


By Thursday, I was all out of relatives to take pity on us and all we did was walk to the library for a new cache of books. 

Tomorrow is Friday.  And I'm all out of ideas.

Maybe make cupcakes?

Bored?  I know!  Let's eat something!

Yes, I'm that mom.

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