Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Improvisational Girl-ish Crafts

I went with my mother and two younger children to IKEA a week (or was it two weeks?) ago - mostly because its a great place to walk through and get ideas for your home.  Girl saw a bedroom that she drooled over, but Mama doesn't have $400 to spend on cute room decorations so I tried to find a way to make some of those cute things, only much more cheaply (I am nothing if not a skinflint).

Anyway, Instead of spending $20 for the item we wanted, I found a set of tulle curtains for $5 and borrowed a wooden embroidery hoop from my mom, then fished around in my husband's dresser for some dollar-store shoe laces and some random hardware.  Ten minutes of tinkering and, voila!

(Please excuse the messy bed)
She came home from her Grandma's and gushed over the canopy, repeatedly telling me how much she loved me!  She sure is easy to please.

And yes, sisters, Mom finally made me bring home the giant bunny.  Drat.


  1. Nice work! It looks beautiful and what a nice mom you are.

  2. I think I know exactly which $5 curtains you are talking about. I bought them today! Great job on the canopy. It looks great! I was thinking as I saw it today "I could make that." I am glad to see that it is do-able. :)