Friday, March 11, 2011

Shopping with mom

My mother takes me shopping all the time.  Not the kind where she buys me stuff and I come home with bags of fun clothes and items to try out, but the kind where she lets me ride in the passenger seat of her car with my two kids in back as we shuttle to and fro to get the things on our lists.

This week I had perused the ads in the Sunday paper and found nothing that tickled my fancy, so I happily planned to spend the week at home cleaning bathrooms and filing bills.  So when Mom called on Monday morning and said she had a few places to go and did I want to come along? I jumped at the chance, not expecting to actually purchase anything.  She had a few specific things to get and I just went to browse.

We spent time at the Mill End Store where she returned a rug and I was chagrined with how much they wanted me to pay for music note fabric; then JoAnns (where she bought nothing and I spend $20 on a pattern, thread and material for a new dress); and finally Winco, where I ended up buying another $10 in groceries even though I'd already bought my monthly groceries LAST week.  There's thirty dollars I'll never see again.  But it wasn't like I broke the bank, so I wasn't ashamed.

Tuesday morning comes and Mom calls me up again: "I have to go to IKEA today, do you want to come?"  IKEA?  Yes!  There isn't anything I need there, but so what?

But first we stop at Home Goods to look for a rug for mom - she found nothing, but I bought something.  Then to IKEA, where, again, she bought nothing but I spent $40.  Hmm.  Then we ran in to the huge Target there at the airport (lovely.  Huge store with no customers - a dream) and I spent another $10.  Drat.  Husband will not be doing a happy dance this week.

After two days of 'helping' Mom find the things she needed to buy, she bought nothing and I bought everything.  Score two points for Mom.  I did, however, tell my mother as she dropped us back home that if she was going to any other stores this week don't call me.

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