Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Collection of Kid Quotes

Sometimes I have to save for months to have enough kid quotes to fill up the white board in our hallway.  I write down the memorable things that they say because if I don't I'll forget them and then they'll be gone forever.  Which also helps to explain why I can write several hundred words on bugs and appliances: by writing about something I can halt the passage of time.

Quotes from Boy One
"Mama, we don't smell butterflies!" -- I don't remember the context for this quote, so I won't elaborate.

Quotes from Boy Two
"You can do it, Mama!  You're over nine years old!" -- he wanted me to kill a mosquito eater that had gotten in the house and I wasn't very motivated.

"When I bigger, I gonna turn into a DRAGON!" -- sometimes I think he already is one but, sure.

(To Girl, while using a stethoscope) "Let me listen to your heart.  Okay, now let me listen to your box.  Where's your box?" -- in our house we talk a lot about being careful of the box in sister's tummy that keeps her heart going.

Playing a race in MarioKart (and, apparently anticipating how well he'll play) "Let's see what this one called.  It called Fall Off."

"Mama, big guns are called 'Biscuits'." -- I think he meant MUSKets.

The morning that Daddy left for another overnight work trip: "Daddy won't come back anymore.  We won't have a father anymore." -- you can probably guess how that made Daddy feel later.

Quotes from Girl
Having trouble dressing a dolly: "Mama, I'm not a big girl!  I can't do it!"

"Can we talk to Daddy?  I want to see him in the computer!" -- Skype is a great tool that we are still learning to use when Daddy is out of town.

A morning spent picking at a berry field introduced her to a new concept: the porta potty.  "I don't want to use the scary toilet!  It has wheels!!  It might drive away!!!"

Regarding Beauty and the Beast: "The Beast is not a monster, the Beast is HAPPY!"

"Mama, I want to play with those bugs!" -- no explanation necessary.

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