Friday, April 15, 2011

No news is good news

Wish I had something interesting to say for this week, but all that comes to mind is rain.

As this particular weather phenomenon is no news to anyone, I think I'll skip it.

Got called to the school office on Tuesday morning for another 'intervention' with my oldest - wish he wasn't so smart.  When he doesn't want to be in class (e.g. his aid is ill and he has a substitute) he'll go to the office and tell them he's ill and needs to go home.  Then I rush down and talk him down from the brink so he can head back to class.

The office staff (as well as most of the teachers) now all know me by first name.

*  *  *
Finally bought a crochet hook, borrowed some yarn from my mother and picked up Crocheting For Dummies at the library.  I have a pattern for a cardigan that I really want to own and couldn't find anyone to make it for me so I guess I'm doing it myself.

I don't envision the process moving along very quickly as I haven't crocheted since Girl Scouts when I made a very lumpy yellow rectangle dish cloth.  My mom used it for years and I always hated seeing it next to the sink.  I hope the cardigan doesn't end up as a dishrag as well.

And with that, I've exhausted all the news for this week.  Maybe with the hoped-for return of nice weather I'll have more to say next week.  After all, baseball practice begins on Monday!

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  1. I bought a crochet hook and some nice yarn a few months ago. It is still just a crochet hook and some yarn. I was going to try to learn from youtube videos... but I didn't have the patience. Haha. If you learn, you must teach me :)