Thursday, April 7, 2011

Birds of Pray?

Boy Two was very excited to bring his savings with him to the store on Wednesday in hopes of buying something alluring: another animal for his collection.

Rummaging through the bin, we found several dragons (too much money), a griffin (he had no idea what that was), a fox, a wolf (not exciting enough), a doe and fawn (too tame) and finally, a Great Horned Owl.


He was very pleased with himself for about five minutes until we were sitting in the car leaving the store and he asked me what owls ate.  "Oh, mice.  Bunnies.  Snakes.  Stuff like that."

Then he was disappointed.  The snake and rabbit he had at home, but what about the mouse?!

Fortuitously, Mama remembered that Grandma used to have some mouse buttons that would be just the right size, and, who would have guessed, we were going to the fabric store next!

Except for the lack of foresight by way of the fabric store employees (where is the wisdom in arranging the cute buttons within reach of small children so they can break them all before people have a chance to buy them?) we found an adorable mouse button (with broken mouse trap) and I was persuaded to buy it for him.

While I waited in line with my purchases I had the odd epiphany: there just seems to be something not right about buying prey for your son's plastic animals.

But then my sweet son was discussing Birds of Prey with me and, not understanding the context, began asking "What other animals pray?" and came up with an entire contingent of pious fauna.

I have the sweetest children.

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