Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow . . . . or something like it

Finally, finally, our area received some snow this winter.  Even thought our home is at the top of the rise here in town, it's still considered 'valley floor' ground.  And we're a few miles south of all of the snow storms and freezing gusts that blow through the Portland area, so our chances of being excused from school for bad weather is exceptionally rare.

But today, success!  With no snow on the roads and almost a quarter inch on the ground, the school district canceled school for the entire day.

7:45am - the outside temperature begins to warm and the kids are begging to play in the snow.  We gather our  gear and dress.
8:00am - lots of complaining about "I can't find the gloves I want" and "My boots don't fit" and "Obe says we should wear two coats when we play outside."
8:05am - leave the house, throw a few snow balls at each other in the driveway, take some pictures.

8:10am - Girl needs to go inside, having forgotten to answer nature's call before we left like Mama reminded.  She then decides to stay indoors.
8:14am - Boy Two needs new gloves, as his are wet and cold (huh, who knew?).
8:17am - boys and I throw snowballs out front with a neighbor girl who goes to school with my kids.
8:25am - Boy Two gets snow on his face, thereby causing him to break down in inconsolable tears and throws a temper tantrum as he returns to the house to work on his attitude.
8:31am - Boy One, the neighbor girl and I have used all available snow in the yard/drive and scraped all the cars of their snow burdens.  Boy One decides he is finished for the day.  Mama apologizes to neighbor girl for her children's lack of fortitude and reluctantly goes back inside.

Not exactly like the hours of snow play when I was a kid, but I'm telling myself that something is better than nothing.  At least we got a little fresh air after the week we just spent indoors with the stomach flu (ick).

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