Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tears from the Son

Wow, this has been a FULL day if I now have another post to write!

I received a call from Boy One's teacher this afternoon.  Every time the caller I.D. announces it is the school district, my heart stops momentarily.  Too many phone calls over the years (and this is only the beginning of year three).

She mentioned a few 'incidents' that have happened at school over the last few days.  Things like disliking the librarian at the school and not wanting to do what she asked.  Hiding under the table because of it and needing to be coaxed out.  Having a different aid in class and not wanting to do what she asked.  And not doing the writing assignment (that was actually a placement test!). *heavy sigh*

When we got off the phone I sat down with Boy One and talked with him about these incidents that teacher mentioned.  He admitted to them (yay for his honesty when he's caught doing wrong!) and when I asked him about the writing assignment he was silent.  When I asked if he didn't understand the assignment he crawled in my lap and started crying.

I forget that he still has problems communicating ideas/emotions/thoughts because, in comparison to last year or the year before, his communication is phenomenal.  At home I compensate by brainstorming for him: giving him words that he can choose from to find the best description.  Almost like a multiple choice test.  Then when he does start using those words I know that he has really grasped them.

Also, he may be able to enjoy and understand a story, but he doesn't understand that the same ideas and concepts can apply to his own life.  The writing assignment was to write and illustrate about what you did over summer vacation.  Although the teacher read a book to the class about summer vacation, Boy One couldn't figure out what this had to do with him.  He just sat at his place and stared at the blank sheet of paper.  When we talked about it later I reminded him of things that he did (watch a parade, go to the beach, camping, bike riding, etc.) I saw the understanding dawn on him.  Oh, so THATs what Teacher was talking about!

Another things that I remembered is that Boy One has no idea about the passage of time.  Days of the week, tomorrow vs. yesterday, months, years; these mean nothing to him after two years of trying to drill them into his brain.  He can memorize the order that events go in but not the abstract idea of time.

Crying with your children about the struggles that they're facing breaks your heart.

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