Sunday, November 7, 2010

The promised airplane swatch

Waaaay back in August you'll remember that I promised Boy One that I would make him an airplane swatch to dress up his plain black backpack, since he couldn't find a backpack that he liked for school purposes.  I designed it myself from looking at his favorite model, an R.A.F. Mosquito that the British used in the 1940s.

As an afterthought, the propellers probably could have been skipped.  But otherwise, I think it's a descent likeness!

He seems fairly pleased with it.

I embroidered it on a plain piece of stiff cotton broadcloth, then cut it out and stitched around the outline to attach it to the netting pocket.  Like I said, it isn't perfect.  But at least its personal.

As a fun anecdote that has nothing to do with this, Boy One was at school on Monday and brought his tray of hot lunch to the table where he usually sits.  There were four or five other kids from his class already sitting down and as he sat he pronounced, "Let;s pray."  Every kid at the table bowed their head as he prayed for the meal.  His classroom assistant was so excited!  Hope it doesn't get him in trouble down the line!

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